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How to Maintain Your Motorcycle at Home?

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle at Home?

Motorcycles are a fun investment. They are equally fun rides for enthusiasts and are, therefore, purchased pretty frequently. In Australia, people purchased over 123,000 motorcycles in the year 2021 alone. 

They are a convenient ride for some and slightly luxurious for others. However, they are equally difficult to maintain. 

Whether you look for Ducati or Suzuki motorcycle parts in Australia – they are all available throughout the year because people often forget small but crucial motorcycle maintenance rules.

Read on to know the 5 best ways to maintain your motorcycle parts at home!

A motorbike, like any other vehicle, requires routine oil changes. The interval between oil changes is determined by two factors: the age of the bike and the type of oil it uses. 

Newer engines are more efficient and may operate for longer periods of time between oil changes. Similarly, while most recent synthetic oils are slightly more expensive, they also last longer.

  • Things to Check on Regularly

Here is a checklist of things that require routine checks on a bike.

  • Coolant

Coolant keeps the engine from freezing, overheating, and corroding. It is essential to keep the motorcycle’s interior in good shape. Make it a practice to examine the coolant frequently and check whether it needs to be replaced.

  • Brakes

Always check the brakes before every ride. This is to guarantee that each brake stops the bike from moving. This is especially vital during unpredictable weather.

Check the material on the brake pads regularly to see if they are wearing out evenly and are still safe to use. If the brake pads are less than two millimetres in thickness, you must change them immediately.

  • Tyre Pressure and Tread

Regularly checking the tyres for air pressure and signs of damage is a fantastic idea. 

Check the tread depth in the regions with the highest wear while examining tyres. 

Additionally, watch for rubber bulges or sidewall cuts. This allows for a better knowledge of whether the wheels need to be replaced or not.

  • Maintain the Bike Chain

Keep the bike chain well-oiled and taut to minimise harsh gear changing and unnecessary mechanical wear. 

Chains typically last a few thousand miles, so regular replacement isn’t an absolute requirement. However, checking the chain’s tautness is recommended to avoid any on-road mishaps. 

While checking the tautness of the chain, it is crucial to monitor its effectiveness when bearing a full load. So, remember to add a weight equivalent to a rider on the bike while checking.

  • Keep the Engine in Check

The engine is unquestionably the heart of every machine, and it must be kept in perfect working order. Regular lubrication will assist in keeping the motorbike engine and other lubricated parts working smoothly. 

Additionally, depending on the model, certain Suzuki motorcycle parts in Australia, like the wheel bearings, suspension, swingarm and steering head bearings, may also require frequent lubrication to prevent tear and wear.

  • Insure the Bike

Motorcycles are expensive. So go ahead and insure it as soon as the purchase is complete.

This is an easy process and will benefit you significantly in case of theft or accidents. Insurances cover repair costs, and it is usually a good idea to avail one in case of an emergency.

  • Wrapping Up

As seen in this article, motorcycle maintenance is not complex. In fact, it is easier than maintaining a car, given its compact size. 

Nevertheless, not conducting regular maintenance checks can sometimes have drastic consequences. So be sure to give that motorcycle a quick look every now and then. Moreover, don’t forget to take it to the repair shop for a quick parts replacement when needed.

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