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7 Suit Accessories That Every Man Must Add to His Wardrobe

7 Suit Accessories That Every Man Must Add to His Wardrobe

Suits are essentially the same, with the details, fit, and materials creating a little difference. Hence, no matter how expensive your suit is, it will not look quite unique if you haven’t styled it with accessories. 

Suit accessories set you apart from the crowd and provide you with a variety of suit styling possibilities. You can personalise your suit with suit accessories to make it look great. 

7 Must-have Suit Accessories

Now that you know why including accessories in your wardrobe is necessary, it is time to look at the 7 most necessary accessories. Here is the list:

  • Ties

This men’s suit accessory may appear self-evident as it is the most popular suit item. A tie completes the look of a suit that might otherwise be incomplete.

Additionally, your tie offers a multitude of chances to customise your style by allowing you to choose the colour, fabric, width, knot, and shirt combination. As a result, including it in your wardrobe is a wise idea.

  • Bow Ties

Bow ties are less common than ties, making their user stand out among the crowd. Bow ties also offer a nice finishing touch to any outfit that includes a suit jacket or blazer and a dress shirt.

Black is the most traditional bow tie colour, and people usually wear it along with a tuxedo. So, if you are bored with regular ties and want to look unique, bow ties are the pick for you.

  • Cufflinks

Nothing beats a pair of cufflinks when it comes to adding details and sophistication to an outfit. Cufflinks are small, but they have a lot of intricacies, and they make the user look more attractive.

They are not only stylish and exquisite but also handy. As a result, every man should always have at least one pair of cufflinks in his wardrobe.

  • Pocket Squares

Wearing a pocket square is quite simple. A pocket square is appropriate to wear with a blazer, tuxedo, suit, or three-piece suit, but not in your shirt pocket.

Additionally, if you wear a tie matching it, you get a whole new look. So, if you have a limited number of suits but you want to look different, buy a matching pocket square and tie.

  • Lapel Pins

A lapel pin has evolved from a symbol of accomplishment to a symbol of grace. Hence, making it a part of your entire outfit will indicate how detail-oriented and graceful you are as a person.

So, you’re set if you find the proper lapel pin to match your personality.

  • Tie Clips

Men who wear ties regularly understand the difficulty of wearing a tie on a windy day. 

When half of your focus is on keeping your tie in place while the wind whips it around, the sophistication that a suit and tie portrays quickly fades.

So, if you want to save yourself from this hassle, then tie clips are a great addition.

  • Belts

You still need a belt to complete your style, even if your pants fit properly. Formal accessorising is all about subtle elegance and very little about practicality.

Further, make sure that the tie colour goes well with your suit.

Wrapping It Up

Men have limited suit styling options, but these options of suit accessories are quite wholesome. If you accessorise the right way, with the right accessories, you will look splendid.

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