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Ways to Maintain a Lawnmower to Last Longer

Ways to Maintain a Lawnmower to Last Longer

When working on grass, only a few outdoor garden equipment takes a heavy beating like wear and tear. One of them is the lawnmower. It is one of the ignored pieces of equipment due to its long-lasting efficiency and ruggedness. People do not consider checking on them unless they break or stop working. Therefore, the gardening supplies retailing industry in Australia has a revenue of over 5 billion AUD. But using the appropriate maintenance techniques and OEM Briggs and Stratton spare parts, they can last for longer and save on buying new equipment frequently. Here are some efficient ways to tune up the lawnmowers just in time for the season using supplies from the local and online hardware stores.

Inspect the Equipment Frequently

Before using a lawnmower after a long break, one must run a quick inspection check to determine its working condition and any parts that might need repair or replacement. Along with the usual elements like the spark plug, blades, and air filters, one must also check for the throttle cable, starter cord, fuel hoses, motor, springs, carburettor, and wheel bearings.

Follow the Instruction Manual

Once the individual determines the issue, they must go back to the manual that comes with the mower. They will have clear instructions to handle the equipment right and use the appropriate Briggs and Stratton spare parts to fix a breakdown. One can also contact experts from local or online stores for recommendations about the right OEM tools to maintain the mowers.

Give It a Thorough Cleaning

Debris and grass get stuck in the undercarriage and may clog the discharge chute. Before fixing the mower, owners must use a leaf blower or compressed air to blow out dirt and grass that might have stuck on the equipment. Professionals recommend following the procedure after every use, or at least before the season’s first use. It prevents debris from accumulating in the mower and interfering with its operation.

Drain the Fuel

One of the crucial reasons lawnmowers fail to start after a long halt is storing the fuel inside the machine. In mind, owners must drain the gasoline at the end of every season or use the remaining bit before storing it away. They must treat it like how they would treat a car. No one lets their car sit in the garage for long without running the engine from time to time. The same concept applies to lawnmowers.

Check and Change the Oil

Like cars, people must examine the oil level in the mowers from time to time. They must take a while to check for debris, dirt, or contamination that can affect the oil quality. Closer checks can reveal dark spots that indicate contamination and a need for immediate change. To do this, one must remove the drain plug from under the equipment or tilt it sideways and collect the oil, allowing it to drain for at least five minutes.

Examine the Air Filter

Lawnmowers have either oil foam or paper air filters. If the filter has a hole, it is poorly soiled or damaged; owners must replace it with OEM Briggs and Stratton spare parts available online. If the filter has dirt, they can tap it gently on a hard surface. If it has oil elements, they can soak them in warm water and detergent, gently cleaning them and drying them. They can re-oil the filter with clean engine oil and remove the excess amount before installing it in the mower.

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