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4 Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Table


Want to throw an outdoor brunch party? You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable outdoors with the pleasant Australian weather.

From swimming to lounging on chaise loungers and dinner parties, all of these are exciting outdoor activities. However, the most enjoyable moments in life would be eating outside on a beautiful afternoon. 

Creating the perfect experience is no easy task. Every detail – the meal, innovative beverages, and beautiful furniture, needs to be perfect. Picking the perfect outdoor table can be overwhelming, given the wide variety available. 

Read this blog as it takes you through a guide to buying the perfect outdoor dining table.

Tips to Buy an Outdoor Table

Here are some tips to help you select the best table.

Pick a Weather-resistant Material

The material of the table is far more critical than how it looks. You can choose among various materials such as aluminium, wood, wrought iron, rattan, and plastic. You must choose depending on your location on the continent and your personal style. 


If your house falls in a region with a wet climate, use a wooden table. Besides, wood adds a classic and elegant look to your patio. 

Wrought Iron

A wrought iron table will be ideal if you live in a particularly windy location. It will keep insects, rots, and moulds at bay. However, metal tables are heavy and slightly difficult to move around.


Aluminium tables are another excellent option for wet climates as they can resist any damage from moisture.


Rattan is the best option if you want a more casual look for your patio.


The best low-maintenance and lightweight option that will surely fall into your budget is a plastic table.

Measure the Area

The first step before you browse options for a table is to measure the outdoor area. The perfect outdoor table will offer enough tabletop space and plenty of space around it. You can use this simple formula to determine the size of your table:

  • Add 72 inches (considering the chairs) to the width of the table to get the minimum width requirement.
  • Add 72 inches (considering the chairs) to the length of the table to get the minimum length requirement.

Besides the size, another important factor is the shape of the table. Round or square tables are perfect for a more casual setting and take up less space. On the other hand, rectangular and oval tables are ideal for huge patios. 

Surely, you do not want people to be eating uncomfortable on your patio. Ensure that the table is big enough to fit your entire family and a few guests. 

Pick Comfortable Chairs

Most outdoor tables are available to buy in sets, i.e., with matching chairs. If you want a unique vibe for your patio, buy your chairs separately. Chairs are usually available in the same materials as the tables. 

The chairs should be weather-resistant and the right size as per the table.


Finally, after you have selected your outdoor table, find an umbrella that can provide enough shade. The canopy should be wide enough to cover the entire table. Keep in mind that the umbrella too should be made of weather-resistant material.

Wrapping Up

The perfect table is crucial to a comfortable yet practical patio. 

While a table of weather-resistant material might seem expensive, it will save replacement costs in the long run. Your choice of the table needs to be perfect since the rest of the décor will depend on it. 

Make your patio the most beautiful and welcoming part of your home. 

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