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Parts and Accoutrements for Your Dirt Bike that You Must Have


Every dirt bike rider should have a handful of essential add-ons and add-ons for dirt motorcycles. But how can you anticipate your requirements? There are many choices, and it may be overwhelming to sift through internet discussion boards in search of guidance. So here is a rundown of the top dirt bike accessories to save you as much time and effort as possible. You’ll find everything you need here, from necessities to nice-to-haves.

Bags of Water

The ability to transport water is essential for every bicycle ride. Although regular water bottles can suffice, they are cumbersome to carry and much more to attempt to use while you’re on your bike. How about trying to sip from a water bottle while cycling over a rocky path? And that’s why water-carrying packs are so worthwhile. They may be used with one hand or even without, making them more accessible.

Levers of Rotational Movement

Sometimes, even the most skilled riders have mishaps on the road. In the event of an accident, a bent or broken lever is a frequent injury. To have the clutch or brake lever break while out on a ride, mainly if the rider is miles from home, is a significant inconvenience. Therefore, pivot levers are an essential part of every dirt bike. They are meant to replace regular levers and pivot in the opposite direction rather than breaking on contact as regular levers do. Also, they’re spring-loaded, so when you right your bike, they’ll return to where they belong.

Hand Protection

Handguards are a must for enduro riders, but you probably already knew. They’re helpful for riders of all skill levels since they keep hands and controls safe. Handguards protect your levers and fingers from being shattered by rocks and tree branches in the case of an accident. No matter how sturdy your gloves are, your hands and fingers are exposed while riding a dirt bike. Wearing protective gear, especially hand guards, may help you avoid harm.

Surface Protectors

Your bike’s underbelly may already have a suitable cover, depending on the manufacturer. It is highly recommended, however, that you get a decent skid plate if you want to ride trails with more rugged terrain. The uncovered underbelly of your bike and engine is vulnerable to damage from rocks, logs, and other trail hazards. It may result in costly repairs or even total engine failure. A decent skid plate will protect as much of your engine as possible, so look for one that shields more than just the region immediately underneath your motor. Whether you choose aluminium or steel for your skid plate depends on your budget and personal choice; make sure it’s designed to match your particular motorcycle.

Clean Air Filter Cover

Another gear that will come in handy whenever you wash your bike is an airbox wash cover. If you’ve been riding in mud, the airbox on your bike is likely filthy. However, cleaning the airbox may be a significant hassle since it is connected to the engine’s air intake.


In the past, washing a motorcycle required dirt bike accessories removing the subframe, disassembling it to clean it, and then reassembling it when it dried. You may avoid all that hassle by investing in a washable cover. Attach it to the air intake to seal it, and then you can wash your motorcycle with a garden hose or a power washer without worrying about water damage.

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