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How To Choose The Right Pillowcase For The Best Quality Sleep 

How To Choose The Right Pillowcase For The Best Quality Sleep 

It should come as obvious that Australians should choose the best materials for their beds, considering how they spend the majority of their lives sleeping. Maybe the mattress is top-notch, maybe the pillows are fluff due to fleece, but what about pillowcases? Whether it’s a silk pillowcase or cotton, the basic characteristics are pretty much the same. Without a comfy pillowcase, sleep wouldn’t be up to the mark, even if the rest is of the best quality. 

A Pillowcase, especially a silk pillowcase, offers a plethora of benefits for light sleepers that many aren’t aware of. Don’t let a bad bed ruin a good night’s sleep, an issue that is currently plaguing millions of Australians. As for the benefits, take a look at what’s listed below: 

  1. Pillowcases or pillow covers help protect the delicate inner parts of a pillow from the regular wear and tear inflicted during routine nights of sleep. 
  2. They help keep the pillows clean and fresh and also aid in lessening allergies by reducing the contact between the pillow materials and the user. They are also fairly easy to wash.
  3. Pillowcases also protect the pillows from sweat and other dirt from riddling them. Not to mention that the right pillowcases are better for the skin, offering less friction and more breathability.

In The Market For Pillowcases?

The options for pillowcases in the Australian market are nothing short of endless. However, they need to be just right and should mix comfort and functionality perfectly. Of course, that takes a lot of factors to process, all of which are discussed below: 

  1. The Size: King-sized, queen-sized and standard, among other options, are determined by how large the actual pillow is. However, it’s important to get the size right so that the pillowcases can remain snug and tight. Bigger sizes might be difficult to sleep in, and the same goes for pillowcases that are too small as they’ll crush the inner pillow. 
  2. The Thread Count: It is probably the most important factor when considering buying a pillowcase. A thread count is the direct measure of the pillowcase quality or, in short, the number of threads stitched in a square inch of the material. Usually, thread counts above 400 are always good enough but don’t be so adamant for anything above 500 as the difference is negligible. However, it’s best to keep in mind that pillowcases with higher thread counts need to be properly maintained if buyers want them to last for longer periods. 
  3. The Material: Silk is the perfect material for pillowcases for a variety of reasons. But since they cost pretty high, it’s best to go for cotton or polyester. Polyester pillowcases are the cheapest in the Australian market. However, they’re not known for comfort and can be a bit rough on people with sensitive skin. Cotton is a great choice and a good material to counter Australia’s scorching summers. Cotton also comes in a lot of enticing colours and designs, and they’re easy to maintain. 

Why Silk Pillowcases Are The Best 

There are a few reasons why silk pillowcases are the best when it comes to pillow covers: 

  1. They are the softest fabric available, and hence they don’t offer much friction on the skin during sleep. It’s a great option for those inflicted with acne or skin breakouts. 
  2. For those worrying about hair damage, silk helps reduce irritation and keeps the hair safe every night. 
  3. They absorb less moisture and dirt off the body. 

With that being said, don’t forget to add in a set of pillowcases when going shopping next time. 

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