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All You Need To Know About Liquid Nitrogen

All You Need To Know About Liquid Nitrogen

Plenty of nitrogen is present in the atmosphere. As a result, it sees wide use in the industry. Granted, the gas needs to be converted out of its gaseous form before being usable. Fortunately, there is sufficient technology for the same.

There are a variety of suppliers that convert atmospheric nitrogen into usable forms. One of these forms includes liquid nitrogen

But what makes liquid nitrogen so popular? Why are plenty of resources used to convert it into a usable form?

Liquid Nitrogen – The Basics

This form is usually produced by the fractional distillation of liquid air. It is used for cooling and cryogenic applications. It is inactive and non-flammable in nature, having no odour. 

To ensure preservation, this element is kept in special insulated containers. These containers are vented to stop pressure build-up. You can store it for hours or even a few weeks. The storage time depends on the design of the flask it is stored in.

It is most commonly used in medicine to remove unwanted skin as well as pre-cancerous cells. Despite this specialised application, liquid nitrogen can also be used for a variety of everyday purposes. 

Common Applications

The primary purpose of this element is for cooling purposes. As a result, it finds wide use as a coolant for PCs. In addition, it is widely employed in cryogenics. Here, researchers use it to study the effect of cold temperatures on various materials.

Moreover, it is increasingly finding use in restaurants as a method for rapidly freezing food as well as drinks. It saves precious time and also enables you to freeze the items you require simultaneously.

It is also used for the preservation of biological samples. These samples include sperms, eggs, and various animal samples.

Some other applications include the following.

  • Shielding of materials from exposure to oxygen
  • Quick freezing of water or pipes to work on them when valves are unavailable
  • Branding of cattle
  • Coolant for superconductors, vacuum pumps
  • Cooling of materials for easy machining or fracturing

Precautions While Using Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen exists at a temperature that is enough to cause frostbite. As a result, its use requires an individual to follow proper precautions. It is necessary to follow some basic rules while handling this element.

  • Wear proper safety gear while dealing with the element. Prevent any direct contact with the element or its vapours. Cover and insulate your skin to prevent any unwanted exposure.
  • Liquid nitrogen boils at a temperature of 77K. Due to this rapid boiling, the phase change can generate a lot of instant pressure. So, it is advisable to not store the element in a sealed container, as it may explode.
  • Use the element in a well-ventilated area. This is due to the fact that introducing nitrogen into the atmosphere decreases the amount of oxygen. Ultimately, that may lead to breathing issues.

Summing Up

It is possible to convert nitrogen gas into a variety of usable forms for aviation and pharmaceutical applications. You can even use the element for heat treatment. All these applications make it a flexible element. In the end, the advantages make up for the process.

If you’re planning to use this element for your business, make sure you choose a trusted supplier. In addition, ensure all the proper precautions are in place for your safety!  

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