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All about door handles

All about door handles

The appropriate door knobs may enhance the look of the interior while also providing usefulness to a scheme if chosen carefully. Let’s go over the most significant types, colours, finishes, and crucial planning considerations in this guide to select the optimal interior door handles for the home. 

Handles for doors 

Handles for doors can be dragged up and down using a horizontal lever linked to a back-plate to open or close a room’s entranceway. This simple design is suitable for household and commercial use, and the larger size may give a stylish look to any furniture decorating. 

What are the various types of styles? 

Rose on a lever 

Lever on rose design has a compact appearance that is easy to use and best suited in basic and modern environments. They include a metal bar attached vertically to a small back-plate. It’s also simple to customise the look with a selection of round or square back-plates. 

Back-plate with a lever 

The large vertical panels used to secure the lever, for example, show the handle to a door may readily conceal flaws and scuffs from old hardware, making it an excellent choice for refresh projects. The larger size also provides more grip, making it a fantastic option for multi-generational households. 

Handles for the bathroom 

For increased privacy, bathroom hand grips have a locking mechanism that securely closes rooms to undesirable visitors. A door knob with such a lock is especially beneficial for providing private spaces where baths are taken. 

Handles to pull 

Pull designs are typically used on larger doorways to help spread the weight across a broader area, making them easier to open and close. The primary, durable form is easy to grasp and clean, making it an excellent solution for corporate or public use. 

What kinds of designs are there? 


Contemporary handles are typically found in modern decors, with clean geometric pattern designs. They also perform well in homes with a linear design aesthetic, where they can be used to provide architectural interest to a doorway. 


Traditional fixtures are perfect for homes that aim for a classic aesthetic because they incorporate period characteristics. For extra charm, combine with aged metal finishes. 


Victorian designs are extravagant, taking influences from the era of wealth, making it a stand-out centrepiece on any doorway. With this style, which comes in rich colours like brass, it is simpler to offer polished appeal to a space. 

Modern hand grips are minimalistic in style and are ideal for those drawn to the simplicity of life. They feature a simple design and are available in cool colours like chrome to emphasise their simplicity. 

Consider the following when choosing door handles. 


The location of your door handles will significantly impact the kind you select. External door knobs, for example, must be weatherproof to withstand the outdoors. They must also be secure and meet industry requirements to avoid unauthorised access. 


Specialist grip packs will save you time when installing handles for several doorways. These include helpful installation accessories such as latch separators, which help place the fixings fast and accurately. 

Packs with latches 

When refitting an entire doorway, door handle or latch packages are especially useful because they include all the necessary elements for a professional or secure fit. It can save time and money on the job. 

People frequently use handles during the day, so choosing a model that can withstand everyday use is critical, especially for high-traffic areas or corporate settings. Many brands offer a 10-year guarantee on their line of handles for complete peace of mind. 

Designed to withstand fire 

A fire-safety fixture must be placed on a fire-resistant entryway to comply with all fire-safety rules in business and residential buildings. To be fully compliant, you must equip it with other fire-rated components, such as hinges and door closers.

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