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How to Board your Dog for a Stress-Free Vacation?  

How to Board your Dog for a Stress-Free Vacation

You’re on vacation, spending some time away from the dog. How do you make it fun and relaxing while ensuring that your dog has a good time without you?

You could be nervous if this is the first time you’ve left your four-legged friend alone for a prolonged amount of time. How do you pick a kennel for your dog? What do you need to pack?  

Here’s how to get your dog ready for a fun and enjoyable dog boarding experience. 

Choose the Best Kennel for Your Dog  

Asking your neighbours or your veterinarian for suggestions can help you choose the best dog care facility. Also, keep an eye out for reviews online.  

It would be best to consider your dog’s behaviour when choosing a dog kennel. If your buddy doesn’t like to socialise or is hostile to other dogs, a facility with an open platform and daytime dog care might not be the best fit for them.  

Dogs who require a lot of tasks and socialisation with their friends are likely to flourish in daycare!  

Obtain a Medical Clearance 

When you board your canine, you must ensure that they are in good health. Before spending so much time with other dogs, make sure your puppy is updated on all of its vaccinations.  

If all dogs aren’t vaccinated, diseases like kennel cough rapidly spread via boarding establishments.  

Mandatory vaccines, also known as “core” vaccines, are advised. Still, veterinarians also encourage “non-core” immunisations if you are boarding your companion because they safeguard your pet even better from additional infections. 

Take a Look Around the Boarding Establishment  

Take a visit around the place before you end up leaving your dog at the boarding facility. Consider the following questions. 

  • Is it sanitary?  
  • Do the dogs have any toys to engage with?  
  • Is there any water for the pups?  
  • Are staff keeping a close eye on the dogs?  
  • Is there any interaction between the personnel and the dogs? 

Your pup will most likely go for a tryout day if the kennel offers an open structure with daycare. This is to evaluate if your puppy gets along with other dogs and will act appropriately in a social situation.  

This tryout is usually accessible in most kennels. In case it goes smoothly, you’ll be able to admit your dog to the boarding facility. 

Packing the Belongings 

Finally, remember to pack a carrier for your dog. This will include everything they’ll need throughout their stay at the dog boarding facility:  

  • Most facilities require confirmation of vaccines, so carry relevant medical documents 
  • Each day’s lunch and dinner will be weighed into zip lock bags  
  • A collar, leash, and ID tag must all be worn by your dog 
  • Put all of your dog’s meds in a pill organiser 
  • Favourite snacks for your dog 
  • Your dog’s favourite blanket to help them remember where they came from  

Wrapping Up 

Whether it’s for work or play, everyone needs to leave their pups alone at some point. It can be a spooky moment, but if you know what to expect and have a plan, it will be a much smoother experience. 

Choosing the right dog boarding kennel is one of the essential steps in the process. With the correct information, you can make educated decisions about your pup’s care, which will lead to a much more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

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