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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play Sudoku

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Are Sudokus 1 and 9 consecutive?

In the beginning of 2000 an apparently new game of numbers that was a puzzle made waves across the globe. Then, the puzzle game was all the rage and started appearing in almost every newspaper and in magazines. The puzzle was referred to as sudoku which has increase since. In fact the game has become so well-known that it can be played on paper and online via mobile phones, tablets and even computers. In addition, on modern devices you can participate in Sudoku on the internet and offline.

An Introduction to Sudoku

Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle game. The name of the game is derived from the Japanese expression’sudoku meaning’single number’ or ‘numberplace.’

The sudoku puzzle is made up of a huge 9 x 9 grid and inside it are nine 3×3 mini-grids. The aim of the game is to fill the whole grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 in order that each column, row, and three-by-3 mini-grid contains every number appearing just one time. In the traditional version of sudoku there is no math required, only logic.

Of of course, sudoku puzzles come in different difficulty levels that range from extremely simple to difficult. Every sudoku puzzle includes a portion spaces already filled with their numbers. It is the number of figures used in a grid of sudoku also differs, which contributes to the puzzle’s complexity as well as difficulty degree. Most sudoku solvers think that having more numbers initially presented in a puzzle indicates that it is simpler to solve. It’s not true since it’s not the numbers already on the grid, but rather their location that directly influences the difficulty of the sudoku puzzle.

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Sudoku is believed to be a variant of Latin Squares, which was created by the famous mathematician Leonard Euler. Latin Squares form an important component of discrete mathematics. They are a significant part of discrete mathematics. Latin Square is essentially a grid that is n x N where numbers or letters are filled in. every number, letter or symbol appears only one time in each row and only once in every column. Sudoku is essentially the same format , however with the added restriction that all numbers appear just once on each 3 3-by-3 mini-grid.

What are some Other Sudoku Variants?

Apart from the traditional design of sudoku that features 9×9 grid. However, there exist a variety of variants in the form of games. Particularly, is Sudoku Classic (also known as Hyper Sudoku), which includes four additional colored 3 3-inch mini-grids. Alpha Doku which replaces the numbers 1-9 with letters starting with A to I and Super Sudoku, which features the numbers 0-9 along with the letter A to F on the form of a 16 x 16 grid that has sixteen mini-grids that measure 4×4.

There’s also a variant of sudoku which uses basic arithmetic. It’s known as Killer Sudoku, in which the grid is broken down into clusters of squares, which are highlighted in grey, with each one of these clusters sporting an inscription on the the top. The number at the top of the grid shows what the sum of the numbers within the squares in the cluster need to be added to. This restriction is applicable in addition to and over the normal sudoku rules.

In all variations of sudoku the basic rules are the same, but there are a few extra rules or requirements added to increase the difficulty and exciting and provide a sense of fun to the game.

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Can Guesswork Help Solve Sudoku?

This is a question most beginners to the game are pondering in their the back of their minds. The answer, in short there isn’t. The act of guessing the position of numbers on the sudoku grid won’t increase the chances of finding the answer, let it to chance to find the answer faster. In addition, guesswork does not enhance the ability of a person to solve the sudoku puzzle.

Sudoku isn’t like card games or games where you throw dice that have some factor of luck. Sudoku is a game that relies entirely on the concept of logic. Although it’s sometimes possible to predict the proper placement of a number but merely guesswork is not enough to solve a sudoku problem.

In order to win sudoku, patience observation, logical thinking are required. By scanning the grid, you can determine the row, column or mini-grid has the amount to be completed can help get the sport off to successful beginning.

Do Sudoku Puzzles include more than one Solution?

The quick answer is there is no. Sudoku puzzles have specific numbers that have already been completed, and it is the rule of play require that the numbers be used only once in each row or column and in a three-by-three mini-grids There is only one solution for any particular sudoku puzzle. In the case of printed puzzles it is possible that the printer did something wrong, or that the solver solved the puzzle in error. If the sudoku puzzle is totally empty (i.e. there aren’t any numbers to fill in) the puzzle could contain multiple possible solutions.

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Can you Solve Sudoku with Math?

If not stated (as with Killer Sudoku), sudoku is not a game that requires the use of arithmetic in order to solve the puzzle. Sometime, those who are unfamiliar with the game may inquire about what the squares or grids have to make up to solve the puzzle, but the reality is that sudoku doesn’t require any subtraction, addition, division, or multiplication play.

It is generally understood that sudoku can be described as a type of game that is played with the nine letter alphabet, symbol or numbers. It is just that the numbers tend to be most played. It is possible to use shapes too as well, and they could serve the purpose of sudoku.

However, it is mentioned that solving the sudoku puzzle is the use of mathematically logical thinking. Therefore, even though there is no mathematical calculation involved, solving sudoku can be accomplished using logic, reasoning and concepts that are that are deeply rooted in math.


Sudoku is a game of puzzles that isn’t just fun and enjoyable when played in all varieties, but it can be extremely beneficial in improving your concentration and focus, increasing memory and improving solving skills. It’s also an activity that doesn’t require special education. All you require is a brain that is logical! And, most important, sudoku is a great and stimulating way to pass the time!

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